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COLT Genital Desensitizer
for Men with a New Formule

with Even Effectivenes

 Ejaculation… early or not?

Yes, it seems many western men reach orgasm quickly; around 70% of men ejaculate early and for most of them, it‘s not a medical problem, it’s simply nature doing things right.  After all, the human race could never have begotten so many babies without this aspect of male sexuality. Thank you Mother Nature for so many of us being here!  Reaching orgasm quickly has been, for thousands of years, a question of survival. This so important characteristic of male orgasm has been linked to that of the female partner, whose own orgasm takes more time to reach. And this has led to the widespread practice of calculating the minutes after penetration, and to many disappointments amongst couples.


 Pleasure – Feeling – Control
Creating the Colt formula was quite a challenge to take up: how to insure pleasure and control at the same time? Most products made to delay ejaculation will delay it, but will also decrease the pleasure. S.D. Variations inc., established in Canada since 1982, and myself, the owner, Sylvain Dubois, have achieved success creating a formula which will give you total pleasure and increased control of your ejaculation. I am so certain of the results, that I will guarantee Colt for 30 days.  If you are not satisfied, send the container back and I will reimburse you.  Here is my picture, it’s really me, Sylvain Dubois, and if we ever bump into each other,

I will look you straight in the eyes because I have told you the truth.   


 What is Colt?
Colt is a liquid spray for men designed to help prolong the sexual act. It’s applied 5 to 15 minutes before any contact.  Used externally on the penis, Colt helps fight against hypersensitivity. Its active ingredient, Benzocaine 7,5%, helps produce a better erection and increased self-control. Colt has been approved by Health Canada, has been given a Natural Product Number, and is completely safe. With Colt, you will be free to experience sexual pleasure fully but also control it. Colt will come with the complete user guide. Believe me, after having worked on it for three years, after having used it personally many times and having it tested by many also, I can assure you Colt really stops ejaculation but retains pleasure and sensation!



 When is an ejaculation too quick?

It varies enormously depending on the times, the culture or even on our own personal standards. According to what is believed in industrialized countries, an ejaculation within the moment of (or a few seconds after) penetration up to five minutes after penetration is considered an early ejaculation (see diagram A). As you can see on the diagram, those steps happen fast, and by fast we mean between 0 and 7 minutes. Please note that this time range is contingent on a constant in and out motion. If there is slowing in the tempo, the curve will be stretched. 

 It isn’t a disease

So it seems to me a little excessive to start speaking of premature ejaculation, premature ejaculators or even of anomaly… all these words have a negative connotation and generate unpleasant feelings and useless tension and stress on the man. It is a fact that human beings tend to label everything; it becomes reassuring (or not) to compare oneself, and enables one to either brag or complain. A man who ejaculates quickly, ejaculates quickly, that’s all. It doesn’t make him a premature ejaculator, as if he were part of a distinct species of men. It isn’t a disease to own a body that enables you to reach orgasm, and who is able to determine whether it’s too fast, perfect or too slow!

Early ejaculation is much more a state of mind and body than a disease, as some supposedly qualified people will tell you.  At worst, it’s simply an inconvenience.  


 Our way of life

The industrial era, with its advantages and disadvantages, its demands, the way it pushes us to perform (often to excess), the pressure it puts on us to continually achieve feats, has led us to a performance contest which has affected our private lives in the form of the accounting of minutes, time – did you like it? – was I good? – etc, etc. Truth is we often become the accountants of our own sexuality in order to evaluate our pleasure…


Truth is liberating, isn’t it?  But it always rattles us first, so if what I just said shocks you or makes you feel like talking to me about it, my name is Sylvain Dubois, I created this product, and you can feel free to contact me share your opinion. Who knows? I can either help you by supplying more information, or you can help me with your comments!  We are all alike and should support each other. Putting aside all feelings of guilt or inferiority due to early ejaculation, it is however desirable to find a way to satisfy our partner and to make both our orgasms occur as much in unison as possible. This is why I offer you Colt, the genital desensitizer for men!


 When can we say is the ideal moment to ejaculate?
Again, this may vary enormously depending on the times, the culture or even on our own personal standards. However, any length of time between ten and thirty minutes (according to our norms) is considered a normal ejaculation (see diagram B). Please note that this time range is contingent on a constant in and out motion. If there is slowing in the tempo, the curve will be stretched.

 Other genital desensitizers
As you can see on diagram C, other genital desensitizers will also delay the moment of ejaculation; they will, however, induce a short circuit at the sensitivity level. You will not ejaculate, but you will feel very little pleasure and sensation.        

 Colt and its well-designed formula with Even Effectiveness
After three years of laboratory research, we created Colt, a formula destined to literally stop ejaculation for an average of 30 minutes, never sacrificing sensation or pleasure during the whole length of the sexual encounter. It’s what we call an even effectiveness formula. Colt’s new formula will bring pleasure, feeling and control because of its gradually desensitizing cycle (see diagram D).


 What will Colt do for you?

Satisfaction in three parts : 

1-Sir, do not stress any more because you allegedly come too fast. You can at last relax, and make your motions complete, strong and fast, and not feel you have to slow down or worse, have to ask your partner to slow down or be still. You’ll say we’re talking performance here.  No, we’re simply talking control, and by extension, better performance.

2-We understand each other, we don’t like to know others are better than us in bed. You will never again be compared to another! Or you won’t feel compared since with Colt, you’ll have control.  And you will get, with Colt, the complete written indications on how to control your ejaculation. So just imagine, you have the method and the 100% efficient product: you win!

3- Both partners will be fulfilled. It is a fact that men often come fast compared to their female partner. Colt will allow for mutual orgasm by slowing down the man’s arousal to meet his female partner’s rhythm, so they can reach orgasm simultaneously. Don’t let nature come when it wants. Be in tune with your partner. 

 God created men and Colt made them equal! Indeed, God created men… and Colt made them equal. You know why? Because every man using Colt will perform at his best during sex. Say goodbye to anxiety, and start concentrating on satisfying your partner, rather than worrying about the time of your ejaculation. Colt will give you the control all men should have, will make you more confident, will rid you of stress and make your lady appreciate you even more.