Français January-26-20

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Premature ejaculation...Resolved a long time ago!

My name is Sylvain Dubois, inventor of COLT.  I started experimenting sexually in 1976. I would ejaculate prematurely, before I could count to 3! I didn’t know that to ejaculate fast was only natural. For thousands of years, to ejaculate rapidly was a question of survival, linked to the reproduction of the species… and I believe many among us owe our lives to premature ejaculation, so many thanks to all the impetuous fathers out there, we wouldn’t be here without you! This being said, sex is much more than mere reproduction. Sex is about sharing and having fun, and to have control over his ejaculation gives a man a significant advantage. There are many ways to attain this: therapy, control techniques… and then COLT.

I remember that summer night in 1976… A salesman in a sex shop proposed me a product very similar to COLT. That night, alone with my girlfriend at my parents’ summer house, I tried this product… What a surprise! I went several minutes without ejaculating, and this experience really broadened my sexual horizons. It gave me confidence, I started to relax; for the first time in my life, I wasn’t a premature ejaculator!! A year later, I was working in the erotic trade, and I still am.

Thanks to cutting-edge production techniques, COLT is greater today than it ever was. With its improved formula which provides even results, you get all the pleasure and make it last longer! It works every time, I guarantee it. It makes your life, and mine!
Oh so much easier!